What Does This Say About the PlayStation Vita?

Today is the last day of Gamescom 2013, so now we can play catch up on all what was revealed and talked about during the event. We had more David Cage talk during the show, and even learned of a new feature coming to Quantic Dream’s latest title, Beyond: Two Souls.

When the game launches on October 8, it will also release a Beyond Touch app for both iOS and Android free of charge. Gamers can use the app to play through the game, if they so choose to do so. You are able to control both Jodie and her spiritual entity Aiden with either a DualShock controller and/or the mobile app.

The game will also offer a two-player co-op mode, called Dual Mode, where you can control Jodie via one controller and a buddy can control Aiden via another. As of now Dual Mode is only offered for local multiplayer support.

What’s interesting about this all is that there is no similar app planned for the PlayStation Vita. You would think with Sony, who recently cut the price of the handheld, would want to find ways to give something new to Vita owners, or create an incentive to buy one. Given that the Vita offers front and rear touch support, it is certainly capable of being able to act as a smartphone / tablet equivalent in Dual Mode.

Now perhaps this was a developer decision, with a deadline fast approaching and the wanting it out before the PlayStation 4 arrives. With Heavy Rain, however, Sony was pretty adamant of wanting to add Move support to the title, at the time when they were trying to market the then-new Move controller. Quantic Dream decided that could only do one of two things, add Move support or continue with the once-promised episodic DLC. They chose the former, bumming me and numerous fans out. While I imagine the Move controller adds more replay value to the game, I was very much looking forward to playing new stories.

I don’t buy DLC much, but Heavy Rain was the one title outside of Just Cause 2 that I had no gripes paying for DLC.

Sony is in a similar situation with the Vita, a far more expensive commodity than the Move. They want to find ways to market the system to new players, why not push for the Beyond Touch app on said system?

The decision to not add Vita support by no means upsets me, or makes me anticipate the game less. Frankly, I can careless. I’d likely never use it. I just find it bewildering that with the Vita having all the essential functions of an iOS and Android device, that there’s no support for it with a Sony-published title.

What does this say about the Vita? Nothing really. Hopefully, bigger and better things are to come. Sony is hoping the Vita becomes a gamer’s primary compliment to their PlayStation 4 with remote play functionality added to a majority of the PS4 library. The Vita is receiving two high profile titles in the coming months with Killzone Mercenary in September and Tearaway coming in November. The Vita is finding new life in becoming an indie portal, which should continue to do nothing but improve as we head into 2014.

With all this said, keep in mind, we can always see the Beyond Touch app come to the Vita post-launch. It likely all depends on how much use it gets on smartphones and tablets. Do you want it for your Vita?

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