SOCOM and MAG Going Offline in 2014

In a not too surprising but still sad notice, Sony has announced that the online servers for SOCOM Confrontation, SOCOM 4, and MAG will all be shutting down on January 28, 2014.

SOCOM Confrontation was developed by Slant Six Games, who also developed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Confrontation was the first taste of the popular SOCOM franchise on the PS3 but was a mixed result. It was online only, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing given that SOCOM was the best selling online franchise for the PS2, but the gameplay felt nothing like what a SOCOM should feel like. The game has been online since 2008.

SOCOM 4 was the first and only PS3 SOCOM game from franchise vets Zipper Interactive, and was met with far better reception from fans but unfortunately launched at the worst possible time – during the PlayStation Network outage. It was the first SOCOM game I played through and it was more than noticeable the outage had severe effects on sales and popularity. The game has been online since 2011.

You could ask – what if Sony offered this game up for free when they gave out games as an apology to its fans?

MAG was Zipper’s first game on the PS3 and was one of the more ambitious titles of its time. Focusing strictly on online play and factions, MAG was meant for those looking to become dedicated to a single game. While it was a pick up and play title, you truly needed to dedicate time to this title to get anywhere. MAG has developed a cult following since its debut in 2010, but, never really became that new big IP Sony was hoping for.

Zipper Interactive closed, unfortunately, shortly after shipping Unit 13 for the PlayStation Vita, which continues to be one of the more underrated retail releases on the handheld. Some of the crew have moved on to work on the new Kickstarter project H-Hour, which is set to be a spiritual successor to the SOCOM franchise.

Maybe the SOCOM franchise will return for the PS4, but the reigns for Sony’s primary online shooter have been since passed to the Killzone franchise. Keep in mind that both MAG and SOCOM Confrontation will become useless from the shutdown as they are online only. SOCOM 4 offers a single player campaign, which is worth playing through for a cheap thrill.

With an end date in sight, will this announcement motivate you to go back and get some final few rounds in for either SOCOM or MAG?

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